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How do boys dress themselves effectively? Original post: Thu 5/6/2021 at 7:29 AM

The latest answer: How should men learn clothing collocation on a basic and systematic basis? -Gray light answer-Thank you very much if you like and find it useful. Thank you -------------------------I can go Don’t keep collecting twice as much as you like every time... Less routines, more sincere:) Formal outfits have been added: How do boys choose their first suit? -Gray belt and white light answer -------------------------Laxative @宋氏小王子 Multi-picture warning, all high-definition pictures~ Traffic party leisurely point (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) are really high-definition large pictures, small pictures can not be seen clearly, you can click to view = _=----------The answer was written in April, more content This is the combination of spring and summer. If someone wants to read the comment in winter, we will update it. The pictures of the models are all Asian figures, and I am very grateful for their support. ------------------------The following is the analysis of the official answer questions: Efficient≈Quick and convenient, without complicated thinking about collocation. Simply put, The premise of effective dressing is to buy the right clothes. If you want to dress stylishly and wear well, then you can basically skip this question, because it needs to be efficient and brilliant. Such a match requires aesthetics and time, and it does not guarantee that it is in line with popular tastes. So efficient dressing means: 1. The single product has a wide range of application, a wide range of matching, and a low rate of mutual error; 2. Abandoning a part of complex color matching; 3. Avoiding complicated operations in various aspects such as ironing and cleaning. (The first answer recommended a woolen coat in winter. I personally think it is not suitable because the care of the woolen coat is more troublesome.) Potential demand may be: 1. High efficiency should be to save time, the first choice is of course More durable, stain-resistant, and durable items and collocations; 2. There are one or two more careful collocations as necessary to wear (no one can be less, even if you look good) ---------- --------------Content block list 1. Buy items that can be matched efficiently 2. Use these items to match 3. Other supplementary content and final summary How to use :The content of the block is divided by the "ashen light" dividing line, and the content of the block is divided by the character "-". 1. Buy a single product that can be efficiently matched A single product that can be efficiently matched generally has a wide range of applications, a wide range of matching, and mutual The error rate is low. As mentioned above, the premise of effective dressing is that you buy the right clothes, accessories, and shoes. Here is a list of 10 boys' items that I personally think that they have a low error rate. The following content includes recommended colors and materials, and then recommends sorting according to the design of each single product, which can be used as a reference when choosing clothes on a daily basis. NO. 1 Work jacket and denim jacket Recommended color: black, navy blue, denim blue. Recommended material: twill or blended fabric, denim. The above picture shows a work jacket, and some Ami khaki-style denim jackets are also more complicated. , Is not within the scope of the subject's requirements. To put it simply, work jackets and denim jackets are recommended for jackets. Other types of jackets are not recommended.(Other types of jackets include MA1, baseball uniforms, etc., because MA1 is mostly made of polyester fiber, which is ugly if you don’t wear it well. , And baseball uniforms and other jackets belong to a specific age group, so the ones with a wider range of application and higher fault tolerance are work jackets and denim jackets) ---------------- --------NO.2 Oxford spun long-sleeved shirt Recommended colors: gray, white, light blue. Recommended material: Oxford spun. The reason for recommending Oxford spun is very simple, because this material is relatively stiff and won’t Like cotton shirts, it is prone to wrinkles. Because of the material, every oxford fabric is basically stiffer than the pure cotton T-shirt in terms of collar, so in this transitional season of spring and summer, a suitable oxford fabric as a jacket is also optional One. Just like the jacket, any colorful designs, stitching and materials are not recommended. If you think that shirt looks good, then you should wash your eyes, brush your teeth, open up and look... but the same, because Because of the fabric, it looks thicker. If yarmani jeans skinny homme,acheter jeans armani homme ou want to be a sunshade jacket in summer, remember to buy a thinner Oxford fabric. ------------------------NO.3 Round neck sweater Recommended color: black, white, navy blue Recommended material: pure cotton Someone may have noticed The color recommendation is not gray, because gray sweaters are really like autumn clothes (warm clothes) Of course, in this season, don’t wear thick and fleece. After all, wearing these tops that look too thick will make girls Misunderstanding whether you have kidney deficiency. Stay away from kidney deficiency and start with sweaters. Because the scope and age of hooded sweaters are really narrow, a slightly mature hooded sweater will have a sense of contradiction, so only round neck sweaters are recommended here. As for the sweaters in other colors, you can buy them, but they can only be used as matching themes. Pants and shoes should not be too complicated. You can only choose solid colors. Therefore, if you want to dress efficiently, it is not recommended to buy other colors other than black and white navy blue Sweater. ------------------------NO.4 Long and short teeRecommended colors: black, white, gray, navy blue Recommended material: pure cotton About tee There is actually a lot to say, and it may not be finished by sorting. So divided into minefields and recommended two parts Short tee minefield↓↓↓Of course, there are still many minefields, please don’t appreciate any gradation, splicing, etc., such tee is easy to be out of date, or the upper body will look like Big meat seller on the street. (There is no discrimination here, only in terms of dress) Let’s talk about what the necessary tee should look like↓↓↓It is not necessary to have all solid colors in spring and summer to match efficiently. The selected prints are small and exquisite, and the details are already in the details. The design is better than most of the designs, and then the overall look and feel can also be improved through a good texture of the clothes. But don't choose "hey, bi*ch" or "fuck ***", it looks really unsightly. ------------------------NO.5 Pure color twill trousersRecommended colors: black, navy blue, light brown, army green, some people may wonder why When it comes to trousers, it becomes so short. The reason is that trousers actually depend on testing, and there are really not many styles of men’s trousers. If you consider some open-stitch design, large prints, and large messy pockets on the trousers, then... I have nothing to say. In terms of color, black and light brown (khaki) are necessary, while army green and navy blue are optional. However, considering the scope of application, " must be discarded"cloth pants with the following characteristics: 1. Low Loose; 2. Flared pants; 3. Leggings; 4. Pants with printed fabric; 5. Pants with patterns on the trousers; If you buy pants online, it is recommended to choose the shipping cost. Risks, and then you can refer to the answers I wrote before for the selection of trousers→how do boys’ clothes fit? -The answer with gray with white light is still the same, the pants are to try >Look ------------------------NO.6 JeansRecommended color: black , Navy blue, blue recommended material: raw cow, washed cow. For jeans, I personally recommend raw cow first. Although the raw cow (not desizing) is harder, the overall look and feel will be quite firm. Compared with the soft fit of the washed denim, I personally prefer the stiff denim. At the same time, the original cow will leave your own unique mark because of your personal wearing habits. But this kind of perception is also different. Some people don't like raw cows because of the discoloration. At the same time, the lines may not look good, or you may feel troublesome because the raw cows have to be washed separately. But it can be worn for several months after washing it once...Don't ask me why I can wash cows every should buy washed denim. Under this problem, washed denim personally do not recommend holes, because the holes give people a sense of fashion, but if the matching is not good, it will become very dirty, so to be on the safe side, choosing a washed denim with a positive color is better than choosing a trendy one. Cowboy. After all, the trend will be outdated, but the good-looking and classic will not be outdated. ------------------------NO.7 shortsRecommended color: black, navy blue, army green. Recommended material: cotton (denim is not recommended) Let me first talk about the reasonable length of boy shorts↓↓↓The optional range of boy shorts is definitely shorter than that of girls, and it is not gender discrimination, but the same egg shorts should not be within the scope of the current aesthetic standards. Can not align the eggs, but the length of the shorts cannot cover the knees, I personally recommend the length of the thigh three quarters to the knee length . Of course, sports shorts are not in the scope of discussion, otherwise it will be really messed up...Speaking of sports shorts are really a lot of eggs... Let’s talk about the recommended order of shorts↓↓↓The choice of shorts, or It is natural and generous. If you plan to buy work shorts, I recommend going to the physical store to try the effect, or remember to check the shipping insurance. As far as the work shorts I have seen, the good-looking ones are quite expensive...- -----------------------NO.8 Canvas shoesRecommended colors: black, white, gray, navy blue, dark red. Separate the canvas shoes from sneaker ( Sneakers) are put forward because there are so many types, and they are all very versatile, and the most important thing is that they are more breathable. If you still wear thick board shoes in summer, it is not good for your feet, so I recommend canvas shoes as my first choice. And the second-generation product (chuck taylor all star II) produced by Converse has a very good shoe shape, and because of the positive color, it looks much better than the first-generation product. Chuck taylor II viewing picture↓↓↓One star is also not black or blown, and the color is not wrong. Basically, you can wear it for any occasion.↓↓↓If you think that there is a breakpoint series similar to one star, put a black picture↓↓↓ ↓In addition, there are Jack Purcell (laughing), Vans' skateboard shoes, etc. I will not give examples one by one (I found that the writing was crooked, and the breakpoint that came in behind was actually suede... Forgive me for being lazy, I don’t want to change it...)------------------------NO.9 sneakerRecommended color: white>black gray and blue>other colors recommended material : Leather\u003e Suede\u003e Other materials are the first to push white for a well-known reason: White shoes are too popular recently, and they may continue to be popular and become classics. In order to better clean the shoes in terms of materials, leather is preferred, which is relatively easy to clean. Let me talk about some of the white sneakers that no one mentions. The six pairs of white sneakers above should be relatively rare, and the collision rate will be relatively low, and the material is mostly leather, which is easier to clean. As for sneakers of other colors, it may be a matter of personal preference, but in order to ensure that the error rate of matching is low, it is recommended to add black and white gray and blue, and add a dark red at most. Others are not recommended. ------------------------NO.10 Formal Suits is written in another question: How do boys choose their first suit? -Grey with white light answer ------------------------2. Use a single product to match In short, before each dressing, you can First use a certain item as the theme in your mind to match, of course, you can also match it without themes, such as all black or black and white. The error rate of such a match is almost 0 when the clothes are fitted. Personal recommendation. Under uncertain circumstances, upper body items (coats, inner wear) are the most suitable for matching, because pants or shoes as the theme tend to reduce the visual height, so you need to use lower body items carefully As the subject. The following individuals will be roughly distinguished according to the current temperature and identity. I hope you can draw inferences after reading it. 1. The temperature is about 10-15 degrees (wearing a denim jacket, basement optional sweater or length tee) These three sets above The matching is clearly based on the theme of denim jacketsThe above left picture is recommended for safety reasons. Round neck sweaters are recommended, but for the best use of things, if you are suitable for wearing hooded sweaters, you can also match them, but you can wear them in this season. The hooded sweater will make people feel...your kidneys...hehehe. The simple white base in the middle picture above is matched with a denim top, and the lower body is not stable. Wearing vintage Nike running shoes and black pants, this combination will not It looks too heavy, so it is the best of the three sets. The above right picture uses a large striped inner long sleeve tee, but the black pants on the lower body have a large pocket. This set of matching may be risky for people who are not tall. At the same time, large stripes may have higher requirements for the texture of the clothes. Some of the ways to improve this collocation are: Either change the inner wear to a solid color, or change the trousers to simpler ones. This is safer and easier to learn. ------------------------2. The temperature is about 15-20 degrees (wear a shirt, short tee, or wear a sweater with trousers alone or Shorts) The above left picture is my favorite match in this transitional season: a shirt with a short tee, because the weather may get hot at any time, and a shirt as a jacket can be a little windproof, and it is also one of the artifacts of sultry sisters. The above middle picture is the simplest and most stable combination. Except for the shoes, the whole body is black. If this combination is not efficient enough... then why don't you run naked? The above picture on the right may be worn by fewer people in daily life, but in places with large temperature differences, such wearing is also acceptable. Of course, you can also consider replacing the sweater with a long tee with small prints or stripes. Here I want to tell you how to wear a white shirt so that you don’t look like a waiter. : In an informal setting, you must roll up your sleeves when wearing a white shirt. Gray is recommended for the inside. The contrast will make the matching reasonable. ------------------------3. The temperature is above 20-30 degrees (you can wear short tee with long pants or short tee with shirt Sun protection, long shorts are optional for the lower body) The above left one belongs to ordinary tee plus denim. The LOGO on the T-shirt is too large, which may not be suitable for matching with other clothes. The second from the left above is a highly efficient combination of all black, and there is also a set on it, which is a combination that is less likely to cause a car accident. The third from the left and the first from the left above may be more harmonious if you swap the tee. This set of ripped denim may have a limited range of application, and at the same time it is more likely to be outdated. The combination of the fourth from the left is basically no problem. If you insist, The shoes are too fancy and easy to attract attention, but the choice of trousers and tops is very safe, so this set of matching is the best of the four sets. 3. Other supplementary content and final summaryUnwritten, to be filled in--------------------------------- --------------

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The latest answer: How should men learn clothing collocation on a basic and systematic basis? -Gray light answer-

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Very helpful to understand their preference with regards to dressing themselves. - Home Remodel

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