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Covid in Scotland: Freeman accused of breaching ministerial code Original post: Sun 1/17/2021 at 2:36 AM

Covid in Scotland: Freeman accused of breaching ministerial code

Scotland's health secretary may have broken the ministerial code by revealing the location of a secret vaccine storage facility,
the Scottish Conservatives have claimed.

Jeane Freeman disclosed details of the facility during a question and answer session with MSPs at Holyrood on Wednesday.

The Scottish government later asked journalists not to report the location.

The Conservatives said Ms Freeman had committed a clear breach of the code.

The security services have previously warned that information about the storage facilities should not be made public to avoid
attracting "unhealthy interest" - with the Scottish government pledging to follow that advice "to the letter".

Separately, Ms Freeman said she had apologised to her UK counterpart Matt Hancock after the Scottish government published
sensitive information in its vaccine rollout plan.

The document was deleted from the Scottish government website on Thursday morning after the UK government raised
concerns about the level of detail it gave about how many vaccine doses the UK is due to receive.

It said the information was commercially sensitive and could threaten future supplies of the vaccine.

The PA press agency quoted a UK government source as saying: "The reason we didn't want to publish these figures was
because everyone in the world wants these vaccines.

"If other countries see how much we are getting, they are likely to put pressure on the drug firms to give them some of our

Scottish Conservative health spokesman Donald Cameron said Ms Freeman had failed to properly respect the confidentiality
of sensitive information.

He has written to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon asking her to investigate whether the errors amounted to a breach of
the ministerial code.

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