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Difference between corrugated and cardboard boxes There are 4 replies:
Difference between corrugated and cardboard boxes Original post: Thu 2/4/2021 at 9:17 PM

A cardboard carton is made of thick paper stock or heavy pulp paper material. This material is used to manufacture a variety of custom boxes of different shapes and sizes. Mostly cardboard is used to create small boxes that can easily carry light-weighted products like medicines, cosmetics, clothes, stationery, and many other products.

As a custom boxes wholesale dealer, you can mail your products in custom boxes made by cardboard material but you are at risk because this material provides little protection to your product. It may require extra protection like bubble wrapping to your products that they keep safe and sound during the shipping process. Cardboard material is best for manufacturing small custom boxes as compared to large mailing boxes. Now let’s discuss corrugated boxes and their advantages.

A corrugated carton is made up of few layers of material rather than a single sheet-like cardboard material. These three layers include two liners and a fluted sheet between them. Corrugated stock is a light weighted material but can hold heavy weight products easily. Packaging boxes manufactured by corrugated stock are enough durable and strong, they can resist any shock, moisture, and seasonal changes. These boxes ensure that product will safely move from the warehouse to its final destination without any damage and exactly in its original shape.

The most beneficial part of corrugated is a customization that makes it more versatile and valuable. You can customize every single part like shape, size, style, design, and printing to create such a fascinating box that properly fits your product. Ecological packaging can develop an amazing impact on the environment as well as an e-commerce business. The most important factor in the success and growth of an e-commerce business is to make a strong relationship with your customers. From some recent years, customers are beginning to giving value to ecofriendly custom boxes which is good for the environment.
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