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Your Best Partner For Industrial Steam Boiler

Yongxing is a world-renowned steam boiler manufacturer&supplier. we have professional sales, our team can quickly deal with various technical solutions, and all the the product quality is guaranteed. Strong carrying capacity, low pollution, low investment and durable. Welcome your email or phone inquiries.

What Boilers Can You You Supply?

We produce China's top Class A Class industrial boilers, Such as:

Coal/biomass fired steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal oil boilers and so on.
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We can provide conventional boiler models with steam boilers, ranging from 100kg to 55000kgs per hour. Pressure from 0.4-3.82Mpa(4-38.2bar).
Hot water boiler with capacity from 150kw to 14MW. All boilers can be operated under pressure or low pressure, zero pressure.


What’s Your Boiler Auxiliary Have?

Coal-fired Steam boiler: 

Chain grate helps coal-fired boilers to achieve fully automated operation.

The boiler adopts quick-installation, and steam boiler system equip with valve instruments, frequency conversion blower, induced draft fan, flue gas duct, economizer, ceramic multi-tube cyclone dust collector, and can also be equipped with water film dust collector, automatic scraper or spiral slag discharge according to requirements.

It can start operation after connecting the pipeline and water circuit. The boiler starts quickly and ignites quickly. The operation is mechanized and automated, which reduces the labor intensity of the furnace worker and saves fuel, cost savings.

Oil, gas steam boilers:
Our company's advanced steam boiler automatic controller, full Chinese LCD screen, man-machine interface, users only need to easily set, the boiler can start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply and other automatic operations according to user requirements.

The oil gas steam boiler has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, and has a self-diagnostic function. Once the boiler is running abnormally, the combustion will be automatically interrupted and an audible and visual alarm will be issued.
How About Your Guarantee Time?

We guarantee 3 years for all our coal fired steam boilers and 5 years for oil-fired and gas-fired steam boilers.

All Yongxing's quotations are based on the quotation of the steam boiler system, and all boiler auxiliary machines use China's well-known trademarks and are of high quality.

All valve fittings of the steam boiler are made of cast steel to extend the life. You only need a one-time purchase, and you can enjoy 20 years of worry-free boiler service.

What is your After sale service?

Super pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, 24 hours door-to-door service in China, 48 hours door-to-door service in foreign countries

Our pre-sale, sale, after-sales service and solemn promise

Before the product leaves the factory, our group company can undertake various matters related to the boiler such as the equipment layout in the boiler room according to the requirements of your unit, and we can provide complete free services until the turnkey project.

During the manufacturing process of your product, our group can invite you to the factory for actual quality inspection and follow-up inspection of the components.


Do You have Certification For Different Countries?

Yongxing steam Boiler has obtained China Double A Pressure Vessel Qualification, International CE Certification, Cooperative ASME Certification, SGS Water Pressure Test Certification, BV Factory Verification and other qualifications. Whether you need DOSH, IBR or other, we can meet your requirements demand.

Yongxing can relieve you of all worries, choosing to cooperate with us is to choose to cooperate with experience. Looking forward to your arrival.

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The 8 Parts of Speech in English and Tips for Writing


In this article, we are going to analyze and share with you parts of speech in English and useful writing tips, hopefully they will help to hone your writing skills.


A part of speech is a class of words based on the word's function, the way it works in a sentence. In English language, parts of speech contain 8 classes into which words are divided on the basis of their meaning, form, or syntactic function. Noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection are the eight parts of speech in English language.

The 8 Parts of Speech in English

Following are the 8 parts of speech.


1) Noun


Nouns are naming words. They can be the name of a person, animal, place, thing, or concept. Nouns are typically used as subjects and objects in a sentence. For example, in the sentence, “John wrote an article”, John and article are nouns. If you want to learn about nouns in more detail, you can go through the list of nouns that start with A to Z.


2) Pronoun


A pronoun is a word that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase. For example, in the sentence “Michael interviewed the applicants as they arrived”, ‘they’ is a pronoun which has been used in place of ‘applicants’.


3) Verb


Verbs are action words that tell us what happens in a sentence. They can also show the state of being of the subject. For example, in the sentence, “I go to school”, ‘go’ represents an action performed by me. To know about verbs in more detail, kindly go through the list of verbs from, it will help you a lot.


4) Adjective


Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns. They allow readers and listeners to use their senses to imagine something more clearly. Some examples of adjectives are beautiful, ugly, hot, funny, unique, bright, poor etc. If you want to learn some new adjectives, this adjectives list is perfect for you.


5) Adverb


Adverbs give us more information about the verb and about how the action was done. Adverbs tells how, where, when, why, etc. Examples: hopefully, softly, lazily, often, softly, etc.


6) Preposition


A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, time, place, location, or to introduce an object. Some examples of prepositions are words like "in," "at," "on," "of," and "to".


7) Conjunction


Conjunctions join words, phrases, and clauses in a sentence. Some examples of conjunctions are: and, but, or, so, yet, with, etc.


8) Interjection


Interjections are expressions that can stand on their own or be contained within sentences. These words and phrases often carry strong emotions and convey reactions. Examples: ah, oh, wow, whoops, ouch, etc.

5 Writing Tips for Better Writing

Writing is a skill that always needs furnishing. You cannot just relax saying that you have mastered all of the writing skills. You will always be able to improve and broaden them. Even when you've achieved what you think to be your peak performance, there are still mountains to climb. Following are 5 writing tips that will help you improve your writing skills.


1) Be mindful of the choice of words


There are numerous ways to create a sentence, and many words can be used to communicate the same meaning. Always go with the easier of the two words you have thought of using. Use simple and familiar vocabulary instead of lofty one because simple words are more direct and easy to understand for all readers.


2) Be precise in your writing


A good piece of writing is straightforward and concise. Filler words, such as unnecessary adverbs and prepositional phrases, just take up space and weigh down a sentence. Say what you mean in the plainest and direct way possible.


3) Be grammatically sound

Grammar is vital because it gives information that aids in the comprehension of the reader. It is the structure that communicates the writer's specific meaning to the audience and your sentence structure should be grammatically sound. Remove grammatical errors from your work, and your readers will be rewarded with clear communication.


4) Use positive words


As a writer you should keep one thing in mind that positive words can enrich a sentence by enhancing the positive meaning behind it and enables the speaker to express how good something is. Therefore keep positive words from Greenopolis in hand and try to learn as many of them as possible. These positive words will help you build a positive and astonishing self- image for yourself, as a writer.


5) Review and edit your work


This is one of the most important thing for you to learn as a content writer. No one can achieve the perfect result in the first draft they write. You need to edit and proofread your work to make it sound. Tighten your writing, check your word choice and sentence structure, and hone your voice to improve your style.

Final Thoughts

Having thorough knowledge of parts of speech and writing skills is an integral part of a writer’s skill set. Parts of speech are critical since these will help you in analyzing and comprehending different sentences. On the other hand, the writing tips shared with you will help you in constructing good sentences. Hence it is utmost important that you go through this article at least a couple of times to understand it thoroughly.

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