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I am located in Columbia MO

You can either email me or text/call if interested.


1.) MUSIC APPRECIATION: The Enjoyment of Music 11th edition shorter version by: Kristine Forney and Joseph Machlis also comes with 4 cds The Norton Recordings 11th edition: $50.00 for both book and all 4 cds or best offer

2.) Meteorology Today (an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment) 11th edition by: C. Donald Ahrens and Robert Henson hardback: $40.00 or best offer

3.) Bioethics Medical Ethics Accounts of Ground-Breaking Cases 7th edition by: Gregory E. Pence: $40.00 or best offer

4.) Children's Literature Briefly 6th edition by: Michael O. Tunnell, James S. Jacobs, Terrell A. Young, and Gregory Bryan: $30.00 or best offer also comes with 5 books that you have to read for the class which are Bridge to Terabithia, Rifles for Watie, Monster, A Single Shard, and The Wind in the Willows: $30.00 for all 5 books or $60.00 for all 6 books or best offer


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